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schmears and appetizings

Appetizing is a word in jewish culture that refers to “any food that is eaten with bagels”. Some common appetizings are cream cheese (schmears), smoked fish and deli condiments. What you put on your bagel is almost as important as the bagel itself. That is why we have developed some unique cream cheeses that will have you opting for just a bowl and spoon! The majority of our schmears are offered year round; we also have rotating specials and seasonal options. Some of our unique flavors are our pistachio date, old fashion (bourbon-cherry), celebration (cake batter), and caviar! We also have classic flavors and vegan friendly options as well. In addition to the cream cheeses we have various smoked fish, whitefish salad, and hand-sliced lox fresh from Brooklyn! All our appetizings are available for individual servings or by the pound to-go.