FREQUENTLY asked questions


Do you have gluten free products?

Schmear is not a gluten-free facility. We have an open bakery model that does have some cross-contamination with our other baked goods. We are however developing some amazing gluten-friendly options! We share the view that everyone should be able to enjoy bagels, regardless of certain dietary restrictions. Some gluten-friendly options may not be available immediately because we are in the final stages of development. All our gluten-friendly products will be made in house, from scratch!

Do you use east-coast water? We hear its all about the water?!?

We want to set some things straight before we answer this hotly debated question. Some of the best bagel shops in the world usually stand by a certain principal: recipe over water. Bagels are only as good as their recipe, and no amount of east-coast water is going to fix a bad recipe. However, water does influence some important bagel factors such as the effects on gluten and overall dough texture. Click HERE to watch a video from the ACS (American Chemical Society) and learn why its all about the recipe! That being said, we still treat our water at Schmear to resemble east-coast water composition to ensure you have that perfect bagel texture.

Do you have any vegan FRIENDLY products?

Yes! We will be carrying some dairy-free, vegan friendly cream cheeses. We will always have a plain option and will rotate a select few specialty options so everyone can get in on the fun!

When are you guys really opening?

We are planning to open the end of April!