We are very proud of the bagels created at Schmear. The recipe was developed from scratch by our owner and lead baker. We pride ourselves on using only traditional methods to get the best bagels to our customers. What exactly are traditional methods you ask? That means our dough is prepared fresh each day using only high quality ingredients and water, that is filtered and softened, like back east. We then hand-roll each bagel giving them that perfect bagel shape. The dough is then proofed and chills out over night to allow the amazing flavors to develop. Once the dough has developed its time for them to be boiled in a special water mixture, placed on bagel boards, and baked to perfection. By using these traditional methods our bagel’s flavor profile has subtle hints of malt and yeast, are chewy on the inside, and have a crunchy exterior. The result is a style of bagel commonly referred to as an east-coast style bagel. In our opinion, this is the only way a bagel should be prepared.